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I am very glad that you see things our way. After all, on our last meeting it seemed that you treated Sior as a god. Now you see that what many people see the Monarch as is all a lie. He refuses to free The City of Hylor from his direct military control and puts a great strain on the lives of ordinary people. Only the Blue Maiden may free us from this disaster.

But you already know that, as I can tell from your earlier letter. As such I have some instructions for you. Sior is coming close to one of our resistance movements in the city, and I need you to safely get them out. Disguise it as one of your shipments to Sior and they should let you through. Give the members of the resistance the instructions I gave you before our last meeting, so that they can find me.

Hoping that you still agree,

Dated: Januar 17, 1119

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